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April Pollen Brings…Creativity?

Written by on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017. Filed Under: Writing

As I write this, I’m sitting outside my home on our porch, wanting to discuss the magical properties of fresh air, sunlight, and the natural sounds of a bajillion birds all shouting to the world where the latest worm can be found. Yes, I see the yard covered in Siberian Husky fur (it’s amazing how much one little dog can shed on a daily basis). The yard with sticks and branches strewn across it like an ancient battlefield–the occasional sword not yet fully swallowed by the earth. The yard my wife inherited over a year ago, that I want to help landscape as the previous owners were diehard gardeners, and we barely have a green thumb between the two of us.The yard that gives me ideas and inspirations for cleaning it up, making it our own. From clearing out the bushes that have been literally plowed over during the winter, to pruning the bushes that have somehow survived out of sheer tenacity, to moving various rocks that the lawnmower loves to attack, to simply creating some clear spaces for reading or playing ball with the dogs.

You know, there’s an odd sense of serenity to be found sitting out here in the morning, knowing there’s a whole day ahead of me. A whole slew of possibilities. I could work on cleaning up the yard, I could fix the storm door before the dogs bring it down on their heads one of these days, I could take a blanket and go read on the lawn, I could go get ready for a job interview I have in two hours. I could work on freelance work, or the dozens of creative projects I have in the works (Slash & Burn, Ashen Skye, etc.). Heck I could even work on the sketches I’ve been trying to wrap up before the end of next month. There’s plenty that I can do, and the peaceful porch is my place to do it.

Yes, there’s the sound of some neighbor using a chainsaw at 8:30 in the morning, because that’s the type of neighborhood we live in. Sure, there’s an oil truck coming up the road, making our dog spaz out with commentary, which I’m sure our neighbors love. Yes, my nose is stuffed with more pollen than should medically be feasible. Even amidst this serenity of my porch on the morning there are some proverbial thorns, but that’s life. There will always be thorns among the roses (yes, yes, there are thornless roses, i’m trying to be poetic here). Despite the silly chainsaw neighbors or the nearby truck drowning out the birds, the day is still warm, sunny, and filled with potential.

So while I toddle off to sneeze my brains out, and go about my day, I urge you all to find your peaceful porch (be it figurative or literal), and go be creative. Go have some fun. And then share it with others, so we can all enjoy some creativity time.