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Bethesda’s Creation Club

Written by on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017. Filed Under: Video Games

During this year’s E3 plethora of reveals and presentations, Bethesda came out with a new division—for lack of a better term—called the Creation Club. Bethesda’s Creation Club is going to provide mods for games, currently Fallout 4 and Skyrim, but I would expect that their portfolio of supported games will expand over time.

What excites me about this is that there is an absurd amount of great mods for both of these games made by the general public. Some are as simple as tweaking the weather ratios a bit, or adding in some enemy skins. Others add locations, quests, experiences. I’m a fan of skyrim mods that allow for more crafting options, and the occasional extra quest or location to check out. I am a sucker for a good dungeon to crawl.

Check out the video below as to just what they’re planning and what sort of fun to expect.

In regards to whether Bethesda is looking to go into the paid mods territory, their website very clearly states, “No. Mods will remain a free and open system where anyone can create and share what they’d like… We’ve looked at many ways to do “paid mods”, and the problems outweigh the benefits. We’ve encountered many of those issues before. But, there’s a constant demand from our fans to add more official high quality content to our games, and while we are able to create a lot of it, we think many in our community have the talent to work directly with us and create some amazing new things.”

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If you’re a modder, then I hope that this Creation Club will be an effective outlet for you and your creative efforts. I know NexusMods is a great place to show off your skills, but when there’s ways to work directly with the developers and publishers of the content you’re modding, I would hope that the opportunity is worth jumping on. Especially as Bethesda has a very solid lineup of games and I’m curious as to just what sort of modding will be feasible as more publishers are pushing into the VR marketplace. Bethesda being one of them, with a Fallout and a Doom VR experience.

For the industry’s sake, I hope this club is a positive experience for all involved as I’d love to see other developers and publishers go down this partnership route with modders, and the general public.