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Calvin & Hobbes Comic Strip Given New Depth with 3D Recreation

Written by on Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016. Filed Under: Design


Bill Watterson’s classic comic strip about the precocious adventures of a boy and his stuffed tiger recently received a unique and impressive recreation in 3D. Paris-based digital designer Gabriel de Laubier took an infamous strip originally released on June 21, 1992 (which has been referenced in not just pop culture but even in news and academia), and created 3D models of Calvin, Hobbes, the backgrounds and even the panels, and after modeling and building the scene, “Backface culling and flat-shading are used to give life to the cartoon drawings.” It is a mighty impressive feat that you should definitely check out on his Sketchfab page. And while you’re at it, check out his website and his portfolio, which is equally impressive.

A tip of the hat to Prosthetic Knowledge on tumblr, from whom I originally found this project.




Courtesy of Gabriel de Laubier



Courtesy of Gabriel de Laubier