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Written by on Monday, January 1st, 2018. Filed Under: Announcements

Back on launch day, almost two years ago, we started with a simple concept: We want artists to feel comfortable working on their skills, promoting their works, and finding peers for collaborative efforts. The more artists we have working on their ideas, creating new and exciting content, and migrating away from the destructive commentary that’s riddled on the internet, the better we’ll all be.

And since then, we’ve gone on some grand creative adventures to create, inspire, and share with the general public and artists in general. We’ve found some fun dead-ends, some colorful cul-de-sacs, and some surprising neighborhoods while searching for inspiration. For those of you who have followed our endeavors, you’ll notice that we’ve dialed back from Game Break and Sparks to Life. We’ve also dialed up our Muse Food and Recommended Inspirations. While we enjoy video games, and discussing various aspects of the creative process, we feel like there’s more engaging ways for us to collaborate and create; hence our shift towards Sparks, Muse Food and Recommended Inspirations for 2018.

(For those wanting a bit of the behind the scenes look, as to why, logistically, the podcast hurt more than it helped. For one, the group has broken up geographically into different time zones and commute times. With our current budget and equipment it isn’t feasible to continue the remote podcast at the current schedule. It takes a lot of time prepping, coordinating, recording and editing. When we added Muse Food to the mix we realized that we had put aside actual creativity in order to facilitate talking about it at length.) Well it is time to teach by example, and to be creative while chronicling our adventures. This should open the door for more of the content we think is important. So should you unsubscribe from this podcast fees? Absolutely not! This will now be the audio repository for all of our interviews, updates, and more throughout 2018 and beyond.

You see, we truly believe that everybody has the ability to create and share a story, and we’ve learned that for what stories we want to share, we need to pivot a little (Think Friends). We aim to focus on creating original content, offering creativity prompts, seeking out recommendations, interviewing industry professionals, and releasing engaging materials for purchase – all this and more in 2018.

We hope to accomplish this with a very concise methodology: Just create.

Don’t delay, procrastinate, debate, second-guess, or otherwise put off. Any day, any hour, or vague concept of “now” can be a kickoff time for creativity. Time is an illusion after all (Lunchtime doubly so.) Realize that your ideals and goals are important and worthy of working towards. You should respect your goals, and convey to any naysayers or detractors that they should respect and support your efforts. Support and encourage creativity, be it yours or others’. A positive community is far more effective than a spiteful “I’ll show you” mentality or a “You can’t do that!” methodology.

We here at Inspire the Muse, want to inspire your muses, encourage new forms of creativity, and motivate artists to continue in their craft. We want to share stories, through various formats and media. We hope to engage and entertain all of you out there, and welcome you to entertain us right back. Continue our conversations, build off our stories with your own.

Use the hashtag #Create2018 for your goals, endeavors, creations, and progression of skills as we all become better in our creative crafts. Create the year you want. Create 2018.