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Calvin Williams

Who are yoooooou? Calvin Williams…at least that’s what my parents and everyone else I know refer to me.

Where are you from? Brooklyn, NY

What inspires you? The current state of modern technology has a major influence on me. I am a true tech geek in every sense. As someone in the field of Information Technology, I’m kinda surrounded by it! But seeing the amount of computing available in this day and age, large and small, and the ability to express creativity through it in so many ways keeps me perpetually excited and inspired to find a way to carve my own niche in this ever growing sandbox. But as passionate as I am about tech, nothing can replace my love for music. It was my first skill long before technology changed my life’s course. No matter where life has taken me, I’ve always come back in one way or another to music. The infinite ways to express yourself, the ability to create worlds, situations, moods, and so much more through music, the people that make it, and my ability to make it, are infinite sources of inspiration to me, and it seeps into so many other aspects of my life.

What projects do you work on at ItM? I’m in charge of the visual and technical aspects of Inspire the Muse. From the website, to the logos of our different brands, to much of the music that you hear in our videos and podcast, I’ve either put it together or had some kind of hand in its inception. I am probably one of the least visible members of ItM, but my mark is visible in the company.

What personal creations have you completed? I’ve created logos and websites for various companies, groups, and individuals over the years. I write music on a fairly regular basis, of which I post to my Soundcloud page. My biggest musical accomplishment thus far has been care of my work on the Infinity’s Light web series. This series has been a major challenge and one of the most satisfying projects I’ve been a part of. I’ve written some of the best music I’ve written, and has allowed me to live out one of my secret dreams of writing a soundtrack.

What creations from other do you appreciate? Musically there are too many to count or remember for that matter. There are so many artists and genres of music out that have had an effect on me in one way or another, and they give me an opportunity to challenge myself to think outside the box creatively. (Random fact: according to Spotify, I listened to more than 10 days worth of music in 2015.) There are many other creations out there – art, novels, technology, cartoons, nature, food – I could go on and on about it, but I’ve rambled enough for right now.

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