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Charles Muir

Who are you:
I’ve been called many things…some of them sillier than others. I introduce myself as Charles, but everyone just calls me CJ. I’ve also gone by Slash, YGJunkie, SilverWolf, FancyPantsWolf, and Charles J Muir (if you’re searching for me online or for my literary shenanigans).

For your own browser safety don’t search for just “Charles Muir” (It’ll lead to all sorts of misunderstandings due to some author already beating me to publication with that name. Hence adding the middle initial for clarification.)

What inspires you:
Anyone who has a story to tell and pushes themselves until that story is shared, in whatever medium and format is most appropriate.

I’m more inclined towards literature and gaming, but have found inspiration through art, music, travels, crafts, people watching, and sometimes just letting my mind wander and see what happens.

What projects do you work on at ItM:

  • As Founder and Owner, I coordinate our content generation efforts, and help ensure that we are continuously providing engaging and inspiring creative content.
  • I’m a co-host of The Sparks to Life Podcast.
  • I contribute to the Game Break series with visual novel episodes.
  • I contribute to the Muse Food series with prompts, design help, and voiceover recording.

What personal creations have you completed:

  • I’ve authored the Word Ninja book, and its successor the Word Ninja Writers Kit. I also helped coordinate the audiobook of the Word Ninja Writers Kit.
  • I’ve participated in National Novel Writing Month 13 times, and written a half dozen novel length plots. None have survived the editing process yet, but I have hope they’ll get through in time.
  • I’m also a ghostwriter / writing consultant for those seeking a literary partner to share their stories with the world.

What creations from others do you appreciate:

I’m regularly inspired by other online content creators Rooster Teeth for their RvB and RWBY series. I’m also a fan of the Frogpants Networks series of podcasts. I’m also regularly inspired by the fantastic artists we meet at conventions and continue to work on my artistic skills because of them.

Articles Written by Charles Muir