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William Granville

What Inspires Me: Honestly, what doesn’t inspire me? I’ve found inspiration in many varied places, mostly unexpected. Movies, television series, novels, graphic novels, music… I’ve found inspiration from all of these sources in the past. Mostly, though, my greatest bursts of inspiration and creativity happen when simply talking and brainstorming ideas with other creative people. Many of my most involved works came into creation out of a combination of brainstorming with others, and a bored, idle mind.

What projects do you work on at ItM: Though I’ve spent a lot of time editing the various audio segments for our podcast and other presentations, the biggest project I’ve work on is certainly our Game Break series. This is a video series wherein we discuss the creativity that goes into various video games as we play them. I’ve done an ongoing series for the BioShock franchise, focusing mostly on the story within the games, while occasionally touching on other artistic inspiration. I am also working on a script for a project that I am not sure I am allowed to publically speak on yet.

What personal creations have you completed: My biggest claim to fame thus far would have to be me thirty-two chapter novel called “My Roommate’s A Stripper!?”. This is a series I spent roughly four years working on, and am still working through as I intend to eventually have this creation officially published. I am also working on another novel series called “Rain and Snow”, and have a selection of short stories as well, mostly catering to the furry fandom and fans of erotica. Many of these pieces can be found on my Patreon, or other internet sites.

What creations from others do you appreciate: From our crew, I am always inspired by the musical talents of Calvin, and am curious to learn more about the stories and worlds created by Charles, if he ever gets around to putting out anything for them. Every time he talks about “Slash and Burn”, though, I find myself very curious.

Outside our group, I have always loved the writings of R.A. Salvatore. His characters and attention to detail have always been fantastic, and I get sucked into the worlds he creates so easily, that I never want to leave. I highly recommend his “Legacy of Drizzt” series to anyone looking for a fantasy series to get into. There are also a wide variety of novels, movies, video games, and the like that I really enjoy on a creative and inspirational level, it would likely take me a very long time to discuss them all. I am just so easily inspired.

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