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Free Comic Book Day: Reading for everyone!

Written by on Sunday, May 7th, 2017. Filed Under: Comics

Free Comic Book Day, to me, is an opportunity to see a diverse spread of comic book series, providing a jumping on point for people at little to no cost. And with a spread of 12 “Gold” comics, and 38 “Silver” comics, there’s likely to be something for everyone. I had my eye on several series that were being offered up but came up against a couple complications in my adventures.

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My go to comic book store wasn’t participating this year, for reasons I’m not sure of. Which is a shame, as they have a good setup to be able to handle such an event. But such was not to be. They’re still a great place, well located, and with a solid variety of series and back issues. And I know they have a couple local authors on their shelves, which I appreciate and encourage.

I checked out a new comic book store that I knew was participating, based off of the FCBD website. They were a smaller setup, but a bigger turnout. So big in fact, they had local cosplayers attending for photo opportunities. The complication here was the size…buildings can hold only so many people safely, and there was a line out the door. I appreciate the enthusiasm for the event, and am glad that their turnout was so big. But I don’t have it in me any more to wait in a potentially hour-long line, in the sun, when there are little kids waiting to get in there too. Kids are even more impatient than I am, so let the line speed up a bit by having me not be in it.

With a bit of disappointment, I figured it wasn’t meant to be this year and went on with other adventures that day.  My wife and friends wandered the local mall for a bit and then meandered onwards home. I’ve missed FCBD for several years for one reason or another. It would hardly be the end of the world. And yet, I gave one last shot in the dark. In the afternoon, I tried a gaming/comic book store a shot; one I’ve seen on the map before but never went to until now.

Not only were they participating, they were also able to handle a slew of people. And I have to say, I was impressed with this place. Gamer’s Gambit had a respectable spread of FCBD comics, sales on regular issues and other memorabilia, and they have a good dozen board, card, and dice games I want to try out. The staff were friendly, and in costume. It felt like a micro-convention.

I was intrigued by the issues of The TickLooking Glass Wars, and Lady Mechanika. But there’s also Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who, and Legend of Zelda. Unfortunately, by the time I made it down there, most of the ones I was intrigued by had already run out. That said, I did get a copy of Lady Mechanika, and it’s enough to whet my appetite for more. It gives enough of the character, art style, and tone for me to go invest in the trade paperbacks I saw at Gamer’s Gambit. And while I didn’t invest in any games this time round, I did snag a lovely Wonder Woman boxed set for 20% off list price.

And we did snag various other FCBD titles for my wife, and for some friends. We all appreciate different series, and having the ability to get a free teaser issue it helpful for those of us who don’t have a weekly pull list at our local store. It provides the opportunity to jump in a series at a breaking point between story lines. And generally, comic book stores do have store-wide sales during FCBD, allowing fans to invest in back issues, current issues, trades, and other shiny baubles at a more cost effective price point than during normal days.

For those of you who also enjoyed Free Comic Book Day, I hope it gets you into some new series, new storylines, and new worlds.