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From Fanon to Canon: Antisepticeye

Written by on Saturday, October 29th, 2016. Filed Under: Fandom

Every content creator of any kind knows that, once you get a large enough following or fanbase, inevitably those fans are going to take your work and run with it. Inspired by your creations, they will build on your world, adding to or altering it to create an entire fan based canon, or fanon, around your work. Characters may change, the story may go in a new direction, and whole new story arcs could be added all built off your little world. While frightening, this can also be a testament to just how inspiring the world you created really is.

Though it’s common to see such fan works come out of novels, movies, and television shows, even successful YouTubers have had their fans build whole new fanon scenarios around them. One such YouTuber is the ever lovable Jacksepticeye. With well over twelve million subscribers as of the time of writing, the energetic Irishman has quite the fanbase, so it’s no surprise that many of them have taken inspiration from him and created their own fan driven scenarios and fictional works around the prominent Let’s Player. But lately, all attention has been on one fan creation in particular: Antisepticeye.

Antisepticeye, or Anti for short, is a fan driven, evil and twisted incarnation of the normally loud yet friendly Jack. A simple search on DeviantArt can produce many works of art depicting Anti in a sinister pose, often with channel mascot Septic Sam, a floating green septic eye with a life of its own. Anti is often also associated with glitching electronics, and is considered to be the opposite of his namesake in personality.

Of course, this is all just fanon. And while Jacksepticeye himself will encourage his viewers to push their creativity to the limits, Anti has never been considered a “real” part of the community. Just some fan inspired fun, and nothing more.

Until October 10th, 2016, when Jackscepticeye uploaded the first part of his play through of “Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location”. While watching, many fans noted something unusual happening, not just in the game, but in Jack’s webcam as well.


This drove fan speculation through the roof. Some (including myself), simply thought this was just a touch to add to the atmosphere to the latest FNAF game. Others soon jumped on it possibly being Anti, and the conversations began to run wild. It wasn’t long before everyone jumped on the Antisepticeye bandwagon, and with good reason. Every part of the “Sister Location” series has multiple such glitches occurring in Jack’s webcam, often appearing randomly or during lulls in the game play. Sometimes it simply looks like static. Other times a phantom image of another Jack will appear spliced in or overlaying the feed, as if Anti was desperately trying to break through to the viewers, without Jack’s knowledge.

And it hasn’t been just in the videos. It wasn’t long before Jack’s social media outlets were seeing the same corruption, from his Tumblr page to his Twitter feed, the familiar Septic Sam icon has become glitched, getting worse and worse throughout the month. And mysteriously cryptic and ominous posts have been randomly cropping up, warning of an upcoming arrival and suffering.


The post above is from Jacksepticeye’s Tumblr blog. Through the garbled text you can just make out the question “do you really like him that much?”, with the tag “MAKE HIM SUFFER”. The blog header bares the warning “you won’t like it”.

It seems clear here that, at least for this month of October, Antisepticeye is more than just a fan creation. He is real, and he is coming. Speculation has him attempting a full takeover of the channel on Halloween, which isn’t really much of a surprise. The community has gone in full gear in response, creating a myriad of fanart to the twisted alternate YouTuber, and engaging in a great deal of conversation about Anti’s arrival, origins, and intentions. Creativity over the topic is at an all time high, perfect for the season of spooks.

Whatever the case may be, it’s apparent that Anti is coming, and there’s not much anyone can do to stop him. We just have to sit and wait for Halloween, just a few short days away, to see what will happen to this fanon creation turned reality.

He is coming