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The Museum lights flickered, unveiling…

Written by on Monday, May 1st, 2017. Filed Under: Writing

Greetings and salutations readers; welcome to a special post that ties into episode 28 of the Sparks to Life Podcast.We’ll be departing from our regular styled discussions and focus more on the concept of creating on the fly. Just what does it take to keep projects rolling when everything else is derailing?

We’re all being pushed past our breaking points. Quite literally, as some of us are in need of medical assistance. And yet, there’s still projects to work on, a company to run, and ideas to expand upon. Justin and I decided to run with the idea of creating something, not to “just get content out”, but to help us still use our creative juices in spite of everything exploding around us like a Michael Bay movie.

I proposed we take a creative prompt, and put our own spins on it, then record it. to that end, we created the prompt of “The museum lights flickered, unveiling…” what they unveil is up to each participant. It could be as long or short as each person sees fit to make it. You’re welcome to join in on the adventure.
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 8.52.49 AM

With that, let’s all settle in, and gather around for story time…

The museum lights flickered, unveiling another evening of work to be done. Caretakers skittered through sunken alcoves, filing through humming arches. Globes of energy made their way into sorting bins. Each globe represented a relationship.

Some are fleeting, marble sized globes, swirling with emotions. Others can be galaxies-wide, spanning generations worth of connections. When each connection is severed from life, it comes here.

Any human could end dozens of relationships a day. From interactions with store clerks, family, friends, lovers, and strangers. Any meeting could be a last meeting.

It was another busy evening at the museum of lost connections. The Caretakers were tasked with sorting the globes encompassing each concluded relationship, categorizing and cross-referencing them accordingly, and shelving them for reference purposes. It wasn’t quite clear just who was coming around during the day to review any of these globes or see how past connections connected. That wasn’t for the Caretakers to care about. Their lot in life was to care for the globes.

It was because of this that the globes were each handled with care, and reviewed meticulously before being cataloged into the system and linked to any other globes as appropriate. A caretaker was handling an incoming globe as it floated down from the receiving bay, and noticed the oddest of occurrences. Turning the globe around in its claws, there were clearly hairline fractures all across the globe. Across a relationship that had definitively ended. There’s no other reason for it to have migrated here for storage. And yet, taking a closer look at the globe, the Caretaker could clearly see through it’s five different sets of eyes that the globe was flawed and in fact becoming even more so than it had been before.

Chittering at another nearby Caretaker, it showed its coworker the flawed globe, as before their multiple eyes, a clear fracture formed across the globe’s surface. Handling the globe nervously, the Caretaker gathered several together to figure out just how to handle this anomaly. Never before had a relationship broken down, shown aging, or even appeared dusty when received to their museum. This was a first, and there didn’t seem to be any precedent for how to handle such an activity.

Setting the globe down on the floor, several Caretakers burbled worriedly and looked out at each other to figure out just how best to solve this problem. Surely, they couldn’t catalog it into the system, what if whatever was happening was contagious and affected the other orbs somehow? What if the globe broke? Maybe, it would fix itself. It seemed to have broken itself, so surely a globe would know how to reverse the damage.

Wait, were the globes even sentient or capable of autonomous action? Caretakers formed groups to discuss the various possibility and figurative eventualities of just how to go about fixing this problem. Meanwhile, the first Caretaker made sure the globe wouldn’t roll away as it continued to fracture, crack, and chip.

With a half-hearted crack, not even noticeable over the din of Caretakers determining just what to do about this failed relationship, the globe broke into several fragments, and tinkled to the floor before them. By the time other Caretakers noticed that the impossible had in fact become possible, the faulty globe had dissolved into ash.

Elsewhere, a relationship had been forcibly rekindled. A mere burp in the space-time continuum as reality nudged two people together to ensure its own continued existence. What should have gone unnoticed, turned into legend at the museum. Every Caretaker claims to have been there the day a globe changed its mind. Because sometimes, the final meeting is not so final.

Sometimes the universe allows another chance. Sometimes the end is merely until next time…